The Porsche principle – company values since 1948

Tradition and innovation, design and functionality, exclusivity and social acceptance: these are the values that have characterised Porsche and its sports cars since 1948.

When Ferry Porsche set about creating the first car bearing the Porsche brand in 1947, he had a clear vision. This was to be a small, light sports car that was energy-efficient and used innovative technology to combine driving dynamics, exclusivity and everyday suitability. Certified for road use on 8 June 1948, it was named the 356 No. 1 Roadster – or ‘number 1’ for short.

Ferry’s vision and its implementation serve as a microcosm for everything that has set Porsche apart since 1948. It reflects all the values that have characterised Porsche, its employees and its sports cars right through to the present day. This has seen tradition and innovation go hand in hand for 70 years, with Porsche employees reinventing this original concept on a daily basis. They do so in pursuit of the perfect sports car, an ideal that unites and inspires them all. As was the case in 1948, the aim is to deliver the best possible performance with maximum efficiency. However, this is to be achieved not through extra horsepower but by means of additional innovations per unit of horsepower: a maxim that continues to be observed in the making of each individual Porsche.

Every Porsche since 1948 has also been defined by its balanced style, in which design always follows function and never vice versa. It has to prove itself on the test stand, in the wind tunnel, over every last metre on the road and in terms of its suitability for day-to-day driving. After all, a Porsche is no everyday sports car – yet it remains a sports car for everyday use.

But for 70 years, it has been more than that. For its driver, it is the realisation of a very personal vision and its exclusivity provides a unique sense of belonging. This has been the case from just about the very beginning, with the 1951 ‘Porsche Rallye Schellhaas’ probably constituting the first-ever Porsche meeting – of which there are now hundreds around the world every year.

Nevertheless, Porsche has also enjoyed broad social acceptance for 70 years. It is a matter of real importance to the company that the brand be firmly anchored within society and represent a dream that can also be experienced.

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