The allure of a GT sports car

The 911 GT2 and 911 GT3 set hearts racing among all sports car drivers with an interest in motor sports. Their appeal lies in the combination of outstanding driving dynamics with reliability for everyday use.

All the allure of a Porsche can be condensed into two letters: GT. No other sports car approved for road use comes closer to motor sport. A Porsche GT has always delivered an enjoyable drive – pure, polarising and typical of the brand. A random survey showed that around three in four GT sports cars are also driven on race tracks. The professionals really love to push it to its limit – a limit so high that the GT embodies a benchmark of smashed records and beaten top scores. Meanwhile, almost all GT cars from Porsche are also driven on the road. This is thanks to one of the outstanding features in the small market of high-performance sports models: the uncompromising day-to-day abilities of the GT.

One reason for the appeal of this car is down to the concept behind the development of every GT car. These sports cars are not entire special models, but rather, are largely based on production sports cars and have a traditional rear-wheel drive. The 911 Turbo models are headed up by the 911 GT2, and a 911 GT3 leads the 911 Carrera. At the same time, each model incorporates the highest degree of motor sports technology that is currently possible with road approval. The GT cars are produced on the same line as the racing cars and must prove themselves on the same test circuit.

The objectives when a new model is developed for Porsche Motorsport – and in particular when this is a new top model – are naturally focused on the key aspects for driving dynamics. Another priority in the development process is ensuring that the high performance potential is not just accessible to drivers who have an interest in racing. At Porsche, a GT must also meet the high demands of professional racing drivers with individual requirements for extreme driving performance on the circuit. To achieve this, the chassis of a GT sports car can essentially be adapted to specific driving profiles on private race tracks.

The hard work and expertise of the developers produces a result that is the second reason why the Porsche GT attracts such fascination: the records set by the high-performance sports cars. For instance, the 911 GT2 RS with its impressive power of 515 kilowatts (700 horsepower) set a new record for road-approved sports cars with a time of 6 minutes and 47 seconds on the 20.6-kilometre Nordschleife at the Nürburgring in September 2017. Meanwhile, the 911 GT3 counts as one of the most successful racing cars for private use.

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