Porsche Boxster Spyder

The Boxster Spyder is the lightest road-legal sports car in the 2009 Porsche model range. At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Porsche unveils this special edition featuring aluminium doors, racing bucket seats and a manually-operated canvas top. Gone are the radio, the air-conditioning and seat heating. The doors are pulled closed by the classical pull straps. All up, the Spyder weighs 80 kilos less than the Boxster S, but comes with an extra ten horsepower, a sports suspension and limited slip differential. Customers have the choice between a six-speed manual gearbox and the seven-speed double-clutch PDK transmission. By 2011, Porsche produces 1,667 units of the Boxster Spyder.

Model Year: 2009
Engine: 6-cyl. flat
Displacement: 3,436 cc
Power Output: 235 kW (320 hp)
Weight: 1,275 kg
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h: 5.1 s
Top Speed: 267 km/h

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