Porsche Cayman R

When the Cayman R debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2010, Porsche enthusiasts sit up and take notice – the last time the “R” appeared in the type designation of a Stuttgart sports car was on a lightweight Nine-Eleven back in 1967. And the Cayman keeps the promise of the “R”: Fitted out with bucket seats, aluminium doors, the lightest 19-inch wheels in the Porsche programme and by dispensing with comfort features, the Cayman R weighs 50 kilograms less than the Cayman S on which it is based. The sports suspension is set lower the flat-six puts out ten extra horsepower with a more rapid throttle response. In the Cayman family only the R features a fixed rear wing, which reduces rear-end lift by 45 percent. Porsche builds just 1,621 units of the purist Cayman R.

Model Year: 2010
Engine: 6-cyl. flat
Displacement: 3,436 cc
Power Output: 243 kW (330 hp)
Weight: 1,295 kg
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h: 5.0 s
Top Speed: 282 km/h

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