Porsche 928 S4

Four people travel in great comfort on the autobahn and, depending on traffic conditions, move faster than with a light aircraft. Porsche luxury of the late eighties with full leather interior, stereo equipment and air conditioning pampers drivers and passengers. There is plenty of luggage space under the large hood. The rear-hinged doors allow easy access to the back of the sports car. This is the short description of the 1987 four-door Porsche 928 concept car, initiated by Ferry Porsche and implemented in co-operation with American Specialty Cars (ASC). The luxury features of the 928 S4 H50 are impressive, but the chassis of the two prototypes don’t pass muster in the stringent quality tests of the Porsche developers.

Model Year: 1987
Engine: 8-cyl. V
Displacement: 4,957 cc
Power Output: 235 kW (320 hp)
Top Speed: 270 km/h

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