McLaren-TAG Turbo Typ 2623

From the mid-seventies, Porsche turbo engines set the bench mark in endurance racing. In 1982, the McLaren racing team and the TAG Group holding company commission Porsche to design a turbo motor for Formula 1. The project is given the internal type number 2623. On August 28, 1983, a McLaren-Formula 1 lines up at the Dutch Grand Prix powered by the TAG Turbo made by Porsche for the first time. The light, compact and stiff 1.5-litre six-cylinder engine puts out up to 1,050 hp at 12,500 revs per minute in the hunt for the best grid spot during qualifying. In racing trim, the twin turbo powerplant proves hard to beat thanks to outstanding power, fuel efficiency and driveability. Powered by Porsche, McLaren wins 25 Grands Prix until 1987, with the World Drivers’ Championship going to Niki Lauda in 1984, and Alain Prost in the following two years. McLaren wins the constructors’ titles in 1984 and 1985.

Model Year: 1986
Engine: 6-cyl. V, turbo
Displacement: 1,499 cc
Power Output: 625 kW (850 hp)
Weight: 540 kg
Top Speed: 350 km/h

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