Porsche 935/78 „Moby Dick“

The first sighting of “Moby Dick” is recorded in 1978 when the Porsche dominates the Silverstone 6 Hours, qualifying two seconds faster than the rest of the world and winning the race seven laps ahead of its closest rival. The 935/78 is one of the most creative interpretations of the inexhaustible 911 theme. Its body is markedly lower and aerodynamically more radical than the bodies of the conventional 935 racers. In a clever interpretation of the regulations, project leader Norbert Singer and his team cut six centimetres off the lower end of the full plastic body. The steel monocoque has been replaced by an aluminium space frame. The 3.2-litre rear engine belongs to the first generation of Porsche powerplants to feature water-cooled, four-valve cylinder heads, with the cylinders remaining air-cooled. The cylinder heads are welded to the block. Two small turbochargers ensure a rapid throttle response. For conventional races, the flat-six unit with intercooler provides up to 845 hp. For Le Mans, 750 horsepower must do. Torque is transmitted to the rear axle via a four-speed gearbox. Thanks to its favourable aerodynamics, Moby Dick reaches a speed of 366 km/h down the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans and thus belongs to the fastest cars. Heading into the race from second place on the grid, an oil leak and minor gremlins relegate 935/78 to finish eighth overall. After two more races, the short career of this race car, of which the factory builds only two, comes to an end.

Model Year: 1978
Engine: 6-cyl. flat, turbo
Displacement: 3,211 cc
Power Output: 552 kW (750 hp)
Weight: 1,025 kg
Top Speed: 366 km/h

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