Porsche CART-Rennwagen Typ 2708

While Porsche is still notching up success with the 962 C in sports car racing and the TAG Turbo as an engine partner of McLaren in Formula One, the factory tackles another major project. For the 1988 Indianapolis 500 and the American CART race series, Weissach designs a completely new single-seater chassis made of carbon fibre and aluminium sandwich material. Special versions are conceived for ovals and for twisty street circuits. In designing a new engine for the US campaign, Porsche applies experience from the TAG Turbo, with the regulations stipulating just one turbocharger and methanol as fuel. The chassis serves as a tyre and aerodynamics test car in 1987 and early 1988 before it joins the museum collection.

Model Year: 1987
Engine: 8-cyl. V, turbo
Displacement: 2,649 cc
Power Output: 552 kW (750 hp)
Weight: 700 kg
Top Speed: 350 km/h

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