Porsche 912 Coupé

In 1965, Porsche unveiled the 912: an affordable four-cylinder model that was closely related to the fresh-faced 911.

The 912 was developed in parallel with the first Porsche 911 and was launched on the market in April 1965. With the body, chassis, wheels and brakes largely identical to those of the 911, the main difference between the two models was the drive technology: whereas the 911 featured a six-cylinder, two-litre boxer engine, the 912 was powered by a four-cylinder boxer engine. Drawn from the Porsche 356, this 1.6-litre unit delivered 90 horsepower. Although both engines were air-cooled, that of the 912 differed from the 911 on account of its OHV valve control – which boasted a bottom-mounted camshaft that was positioned centrally beneath the crankshaft. The valves were actuated via push rods and rocker arms, with torque transfer being handled by a series-produced four-gear manual gearbox. A five-gear gearbox and a limited-slip differential were also available for an additional charge.

Despite the fact that it delivered 40 horsepower less than the 911, the 912 was still able to offer thoroughly sporty driving performance thanks to being 110 kilograms lighter. Featuring a price tag of 16,250 Deutschmarks, it was also 5,650 Deutschmarks cheaper than the 911. This made it an appealing alternative for Porsche enthusiasts who did not require maximum performance but were nonetheless unwilling to miss out on the unique driving feel of a 911. The attractive pricing corresponded to the fittings, which were somewhat less expansive than those of the 911. The 912 contained three round instruments as standard rather than the usual five: this saw the rev counter positioned in the middle, flanked by the speedometer to its right and the instrument cluster featuring the fuel and oil display on the left. Early units of the 912 mirrored the 356 in featuring a dashboard painted the same colour as the car, although this design was soon dropped in favour of the 911 style.

Model-Year: 1965

Engine: 4-cylinder boxer

Cubic capacity: 1,582 cc

Power: 66 kilowatts (90 horsepower)

Weight: 970 kilograms

Acceleration 0–100 kilometres per hour: 13.5 seconds

Top speed: 185 kilometres per hour

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