Porsche Classic

Porsche Classic secures the future of classic Porsche cars with a comprehensive range of services and the continual reissuing of parts.

A potentially record-breaking 70 per cent of all series-produced Porsche cars ever built are still in a roadworthy, and often even very good, state. This would not be possible without the special love that Porsche fans have for their cars – which is not found elsewhere in car culture – and their heightened awareness when it comes to maintenance, upkeep and preservation. The continuing work of Porsche Classic incorporates the latest technology to ensure that Porsche enthusiasts can enjoy their classic Porsche models for even longer. The range of cars covered by Porsche Classic currently includes the models 356, 914, all air-cooled generations of the 911 from the original model through to the 993, the 959, the transaxle models 924, 944, 928 and 968, the first generation of the Boxster and also the first water-cooled 911 models of the 996 generation, plus the Carrera GT supercar.

Porsche is consistently expanding its international dealer and service network to ensure optimum support and reconditioning for these classics. This network is made up of Porsche Centres and Porsche Service Centres that deal with current cars as well as sports cars from earlier generations and that are certified as Porsche Classic Partners. They offer the full range of Porsche Classic services for customers and anyone who is interested. This includes supplying around 52,000 genuine spare parts as well as full and partial restorations, repairs and maintenance work. The network currently has more than 60 locations in Germany, the USA and 19 other countries. It even includes three Porsche Classic Centres – separate buildings that trade classic Porsche cars in addition to offering a full range of services. Porsche Classic Partners have dedicated contacts on-site who bring together service and advice with enthusiasm and – most importantly – expertise for customers with classic Porsche cars. Porsche Classic has developed a special staff training concept to support this. To guarantee the best possible repair and maintenance service, Porsche Classic Partners also have special tools and model-specific repair manuals. All of this ensures that Porsche can offer a consistently high standard of quality around the world.

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