Porsche Communication Management – user-friendly infotainment

The new 718 GTS models also feature the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system as standard. The online navigation module, voice control and Porsche Connect are available as options. The PCM features a high-resolution touchscreen display with built-in proximity sensor that is very simple and convenient to use. As with a smartphone, it is operated using multi-touch gestures on the screen. Mobile phones and smartphones can be connected via Wi-Fi using the optional Connect Plus module.

Real-time traffic information is available as an option, allowing quick and reliable navigation. In addition to providing a rapid overview of the traffic situation, this information also enables dynamic route adjustments. A large number of further Porsche Connect services are also available. For a detailed overview of the Connect services available for each country and vehicle, visit www.porsche.com/connect.

The Sport Chrono Package is also included as standard. In addition to an analogue stopwatch on the dashboard and digital stopwatch in the instrument cluster, this package includes a performance display. The enhanced Porsche Track Precision app is available for the new 718 GTS models for the first time. This smartphone app, which has its origins in motorsport, connects directly to the vehicle systems and automatically records and displays information obtained when driving on racetracks, as well as performing detailed analyses of this information. Drivers can trigger and record their own laps from 130 predefined circuits around the world. If the desired racetrack is not already available, drivers can add it themselves within the app.

Once the vehicle is out on the track, the app displays the driving dynamics directly on the smartphone. In addition to section and lap times, it also uses animations to display deviations from the reference lap. The app uses the vehicle and GPS data directly from the PCM to do this. Graphical analyses of the driving data and a video analysis help drivers to achieve continual improvements in their driving performance. The video analysis uses the smartphone’s camera and supplements the images with animated driving data. To provide an extra perspective during the drive, an additional video from a second, external, camera can also be integrated. By analysing the driving data and comparing it with other laps, drivers can continuously optimise braking points and the ideal racing line. The app also provides an acoustic readout of lap times and can be used to share recordings with friends via social media networks. In addition, the recorded video analyses and driver data can be exported for even more in-depth analysis on a home PC using additional software.

Additional app functions are also available to Apple Watch owners, such as measuring their heart rate while driving and recording it for further analysis. The Apple Watch vibrates if the driver achieves a new best time.

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