The new 911 GT3 RS

Racing-style 911 with 520-hp naturally aspirated engine, racing chassis and lightweight construction

The new 911 GT3 RS comes from a great heritage: The direct predecessor of this high-performance sports car was Porsche's most successful RS vehicle to date. And now we welcome the seventh generation of the 911, which is raising the bar once again.

This is the aim with which the Porsche motorsport department in Weissach has developed the new 911 GT3 RS, giving the vehicle their full focus down to the very last detail. At the heart of the new high-performance sports car is a 383-kW (520-hp) naturally aspirated engine, the most powerful ever to drive a series-production 911. The Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) shifts even faster, and the chassis tuning is even more uncompromising. The aerodynamics and control systems have been improved, and the tyres have been further developed.

The design of the 911 GT3 RS is based around a single purpose – generating maximum performance. Consistent lightweight construction and maximum downforce help to achieve this goal. Aerodynamic design determines the appearance of the wide body, which originates with the 911 Turbo. The dominant rear wing, like the front and rear lid and the widened front wings with high-mounted ventilation slits, is made from carbon. The natural habitat of the 911 GT3 RS is the race track.

The close connection to motorsport, and thus to the 911 GT3 Cup, affects all the driving dynamics features of this new high-performance sports car. For example, the downforce values of the 911 GT3 RS and 911 GT3 Cup are significantly higher than those of the 911 GT3. The total downforce of the RS model is 144 kilograms at 200 km/h. As such, the RS model generates twice as much downforce as the 911 GT3 (69 kilograms at 200 km/h). The result is a significantly higher aerodynamic grip, which is crucial for use on the track. Conversely, the resulting higher drag coefficient means that the 911 GT3 road specialist can reach a higher top speed.

When it comes to engine power, the new 911 GT3 RS trumps both the 911 GT3 and its racing counterpart the 911 GT3 Cup by 15 kW (20 hp).

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