Optional assistance systems – increased safety for enhanced performance

The available assistance systems allow the 911 GTS models to be individually tailored to meet personal requirements. The optional cruise control function brakes moderately if the set speed could be exceeded on a downward gradient. The ACC adaptive cruise control system (optional) includes a coasting function in combination with the PDK. When this is active, the system decouples the engine in stop-start traffic to save fuel by coasting out of gear.

The lane change assist function increases the safety of GTS models when driving on fast multi-lane roads. The system uses radar sensors in the rear end to monitor the area behind the vehicle and the driver’s blind spot. At speeds between 30 and 250 km/h, the assistant uses a warning light in the door mirror housing to inform the driver about vehicles approaching rapidly from the rear or located in the driver’s blind spot. If the driver begins indicating or if the system detects a lane change, the warning signal illuminates four times in succession. The increased convenience and safety provided by the lane change assistant come into their own on motorways in particular. Despite this, it does not interfere with the vehicle control and can be deactivated at any time.

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