Tribute to a dream: Porsche Intelligent Performance for the wrist

Porsche Design presents: “911 Speedster chronograph”

Porsche Design has created two special timepieces for the new 911 Speedster: the “911 Speedster” chronograph as well as the “911 Speedster Heritage Design” chronograph. The classic wristwatches combined the design features, materials and performance qualities of the sports car, extending the unique identity of Porsche to its future owner’s wrist. The chronograph was developed together with engineers from vehicle construction and motor sports as well as specialist watchmakers from Porsche Design Timepieces. It was therefore possible to transfer the vehicle concept to exactly the matching watch model. With reference to the year of type approval of the Porsche 356 “No. 1” Roadster, the watch edition is limited to 1,948 pieces.

“911 Speedster Chronograph” by Porsche Design – the movement

Inspired by the intelligent performance of the 911 Speedster, the chronograph is impressive because of its unique technological feature. The timepiece is powered by the first proprietary Porsche Design calibre, the Werk 01.200. The development of the calibre took three years. It features a flyback mechanism which uses a single process for stopping, resetting and starting successive time intervals. It combines excellent in-house competence in engineering and watchmaking with expertise from vehicle construction. In addition to being the first in-house movement developed by Porsche, Werk 01.200 also bears a chronometer certificate of the Swiss C.O.S.C. institution, verifying the accuracy of its performance. The movement’s barrel bridge is load path optimised – not only to show the flyback function and the gear trains but also to implement Porsche lightweight design in a consistent manner. Its energy-optimised rotor, which replicates the design of the vehicle’s wheel rims, is partially crafted from tungsten. This material provides the necessary weight to guarantee a powerful wind, despite the filigree design of the rotor. Like the Speedster wheel, the rotor is painted in satin gloss black and is secured on the movement with a central lock with Porsche crest.

The body

As is typical for Porsche Design since 1980, the case – measuring 42.0 x 15.3 millimetres and water-resistant down to 5 bar – is made from titanium. This high-tech material, successfully used at Porsche for decades in the drive area, for example, is 40 percent lighter than stainless steel and besides optimal skin tolerance and durability it is also extremely comfortable to wear. The black titanium carbide coating underlines the sporty design of the timepiece.

The dashboard

The Porsche principle is also reflected in the dial: manufactured from lightweight carbon, it offers excellent readability from any angle. Similar to the instrument clusters in the 911 Speedster, all dials are designed in matt-black to avoid reflections. In homage to the first 356, the numbers and scales are in green to match the rev counter in the vehicle cockpit. Down to the last detail, the “Chronograph 911 Speedster” demonstrates its relationship with the first Porsche sports car through further features: for example the “70” on the tachymeter scale is highlighted in colour, and the function dial has the “911 Speedster” logo at 9 o’clock.

The design

Every “911 Speedster chronograph” is delivered with one black and one red leather wrist strap in two different sizes (sizes M and L). Both straps are made from exactly the same leather used for the interior of the 911 Speedster. The stitching also corresponds to the original yarn used in the interior. Thanks to the self-change mechanism, the leather straps can be replaced without tools and adjusted to fit the wrist.

Porsche Design 911 Speedster chronograph in Heritage Design – timeless tradition

Just like its vehicle counterpart, the Porsche Design “911 Speedster chronograph in Heritage Design” features details with the look and feel of the 356 Speedster from 1954. The case is made from lightweight titanium and reflects the sports car’s colours in the Heritage Design, which evokes the classic colour tones of early Porsche racing cars. Like the instruments in the 911 Speedster, the matt-black dial features green and silver-coloured Arabic numbers. A “70” highlighted in green adorns the tachymeter scale and makes reference to the seven decades of the Porsche sports car. The Porsche design logo positioned at 3 o’clock as well as the “Speedster” lettering on the function dial at 9 o’clock are finished in a gold colour.

Just like the “911 Speedster chronograph”, the timepiece is powered by the Porsche Design Manufaktur calibre, Werk 01.200. This calibre guarantees maximum performance courtesy of exclusive technology. The wind-up rotor is painted in satin-gloss Platinum to match the wheel rim design of the Heritage Design package. It is mounted on the movement by the central lock with Porsche crest, which pays homage to its historic design. Like the vehicle’s interior, the leather wrist straps are made from Cognac-coloured vehicle leather with colour-coordinated stitching. One unique feature which clearly links both chronographs to the sports cars is the limited-edition number engraved on the underside of the case.

Personalised down to the very last detail

Just like the 911 Speedster is customised in the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur according to the wishes of the future owners, the chronographs can also be personalised. On the exterior, the design of the wind-up rotor can be designed according to the wheel rims chosen. “Porsche Design for Porsche” is aimed at enthusiasts and collectors who know exactly what they want: unique and very individual luxury, uncompromising form and function, combined with perfect technical and visual realisation.

The Porsche Design “911 Speedster chronograph” and the “911 Speedster chronograph in Heritage Design” will be available for order from May 2019 exclusively for future owners of the Porsche 911 Speedster or Porsche 911 Speedster in Heritage Design package from Porsche Centres worldwide.

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