More space for increased comfort and driving pleasure

Ergonomics and comfort

The latest generation of the Cayenne remains true to the original styling of the model: As in every Porsche, the driver and passengers sit low in the vehicle rather than in the typical high-up position found in most SUVs. The interior is ergonomically designed around the driver. All operating elements can be reached directly with ease. As in the Porsche 911, the Cayenne also boasts the rising centre console. More than just a design element, it provides the shortest and most ergonomic path from the steering wheel to the most important vehicle functions. The multifunction steering wheel is designed according to the same principle and combines outstanding ergonomics with a futuristic aesthetic.

The Cayenne features increased spaciousness and comfort throughout. The new generation includes as standard items of equipment that are otherwise only available as an option in its class. For example, the seats are finished in partial leather as standard in all models. This means that the seat centres, seat bolsters and centre headrest strips are finished in leather at the front and back. The steering wheel, gear selector, armrests in the doors and the centre console are also finished in leather. The ambient lighting creates a pleasant interior atmosphere in the dark. The optional ioniser helps to reduce irritating harmful particles and germs.

New adaptive sports seats based on sports car design

The Cayenne Turbo features a new generation of adaptive sports seats that are more sports-car-like than ever before. The seats in the top-of-the-range model are easily recognisable: As in a sports car, the headrests are integrated into the backrests, rather than attached as separate components. Together with the raised side bolsters and the unique stitching on the seat centre, the sports seats not only deliver a sporty look, but score highly in terms of ergonomics, too. The adaptive sports seats come with heating as standard, plus seat ventilation as an additional option. The top-of-the-range seat is standard in the Cayenne Turbo, and available as an option in all other models. If an owner selects the sports seats, the rear seats are finished in the same look, and also receive the raised side bolsters.

The standard seat in the Cayenne and Cayenne S is the comfort seat, featuring eight-way electric adjustment. The seat offers secure lateral support for sporty drivers and fatigue-free comfort on longer journeys. The class-leading, high-quality seats are partially finished in leather as standard on all models: The seat centres, seat bolsters and centre headrest strips are finished in leather at the front and back.

Generous rear with variable luggage compartment

The rear seat system has a length adjustment range of up to 160 mm, and offers ten adjustment positions in two-degree increments from 11 to 29 degrees for the split backrest. The rear seats also feature a cargo position, with the backrest in an almost vertical position to increase the luggage compartment volume by up to 100 litres compared to the previous model. If even more space is required, the backrests can be folded forwards asymmetrically to create a flat loading floor. The luggage compartment can be adjusted to provide a volume of between 770 litres and 1,710 litres (Cayenne Turbo: 745 l to 1,680 l) at the maximum usable space. Comfort seats with 14-way adjustment, which can also be equipped with seat heating, are also available as an option.

The Comfort Access feature makes the luggage compartment easily accessible. A small movement of the foot underneath the rear bumper is all that is required to open the tailgate automatically. For security reasons, this function is only active if the system is simultaneously able to identify the vehicle key. The Comfort Access also enables keyless unlocking and locking of the vehicle, as well as keyless engine starting.

As part of its range of equipment ensuring suitability for everyday use, the Cayenne offers practical storage space for everyday driving: The new generation provides a variety of storage options as standard. Bottles with a capacity of up to 1.5 litres can be stored in the front door storage compartments, which have a storage volume of 3.9 litres. The rear doors offer a storage volume of 1.9 litres and can accommodate one-litre bottles. In addition to the 7.8 litre glove compartment, the centre console offers additional storage capacity of between 2.1 and 4.2 litres depending on the design.

New: Thermally and noise insulated laminated glass

Increased comfort ensuring pleasant driving conditions for all vehicle occupants represents one of the key benefits of the new Cayenne. Each model is fitted as standard with heat-insulating glass that reduces heat-up of the passenger compartment. This leads to reduced use of the air conditioning system, which in turn leads to lower noise levels and fewer draughts in the interior of the vehicle.

A new option is the thermally and noise insulated laminated glass. This reflects infra-red radiation, thus reducing heat-up of the interior in strong sunshine. The use of a new acoustic film within the laminated glass design also yields a significant improvement in three key areas:

  • Almost 100% of harmful UV rays are blocked. This protects the health of the occupants and increases the service life of the interior in countries with particularly strong sun exposure.
  • The new laminated glass reduces noise from the outside even more effectively, thus ensuring an even quieter interior. Drive-past noise on wet roads, for example, is almost completely absorbed. The damping effect of the new acoustic film was designed to retain the engine sound.
  • Due to the film used between the glass panes, the glass composite of the laminated safety glass retains its shape even after the glass has been smashed, thus providing increased protection against theft.

Optional privacy glass and sun blinds

Porsche offers privacy glass as an option for the Cayenne. With this feature, all of the windows behind the B-pillar, including the rear window, are heavily tinted. The tinting of the single-pane privacy glass reduces visible light to below 20 per cent, thereby protecting rear passengers as well as objects in the rear from unwanted attention. To further increase privacy, the privacy glass can be supplemented with the optional electric sun blinds for the rear side windows. Combination of the privacy glass with the thermally and noise insulated laminated glass is also possible.

Panoramic Roof System creates feeling of enhanced spaciousness

The enhanced Panoramic Roof System is available as an option on the new Cayenne. In comparison with the predecessor model, the roof system is positioned further forwards, thereby enhancing the feeling of spaciousness for all passengers. The Panoramic Roof System consists of two glass elements, which together form an area measuring 0.67 m2. The front section is designed as a slide/tilt sunroof, while the rear section is a fixed roof. The dark tint of the glass filters out more than 95 per cent of harmful UV radiation from the sun. Where necessary, the integrated roll-up sunblind in the same colour as the interior can be used to further reduce incoming sunlight.

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