Unique appearance with sports car DNA

Design and equipment

The Macan combines pronounced sports car genes with all-round characteristics. This combination is typical for Porsche and has been further extended with the facelift, providing the basis for the further-developed design language. The leaner design provides the new Macan with an even more distinctive and confident appearance. The DNA of the sports car icon 911 and the technology pioneer 918 is reflected in numerous details. The sports car characteristics are underlined by greater emphasis of the horizontal lines at the front and rear. In the interior, the new 10.9-inch touchscreen display of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with full-HD resolution catches the eye. This is harmoniously integrated in the dashboard and signals the significant enhancement of the interior.

A clearer view: LED headlights as standard

The front end of the Macan has been comprehensively revamped. The wraparound bonnet remains a characteristic feature, providing the compact SUV with its flowing silhouette. The headlights have also been completely redesigned and are now always realised using LED technology. In daylight, the sculptural interior of the headlights in the three-dimensional light modules catches the eye. This is a visual expression of the future-oriented lighting technology in the Macan. The LED headlights comprise a central 25 W LED module for main and dipped beam which is supported by four additional modules. The four LED units arranged in a square around the central module form the four-point daytime running lights typical for Porsche. They also support the central LED unit in optimum illumination of the road directly in front of the vehicle. There is an LED unit located under the central element that improves illumination of the road when main beam is switched on. The lighting system can be further optimised in two option levels: The LED headlights with the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) have an output of 35 W, additionally feature cornering light and automatically switch between main and dipped beam. PDLS Plus additionally dynamically adapts the main beam range and includes a junction light function.

The front end of the new Macan appears wider due to the more vertical lines of the side air intakes. This effect is supported by omission of the fog lights. The fog light function is now performed by the LED light technology of the headlights. The newly designed front lights also contribute to the wider look. They have moved from the edge of the air intake to the cooling air opening and seem to almost float there. The parking sensors in the lower front area are now discretely integrated into the aerodynamically optimised airblades.

The Macan also offers new views from the side: newly designed up to 21-inch alloy wheels are optionally available here. In addition, the side blades can now also be ordered in Brilliant Silver and High-Gloss Black.

LED tail light panel in the style of the brand identity

The comprehensively revamped rear end is based on the clear design of the predecessor model. A characteristic Porsche design feature has been added with the three-part, three-dimensional LED light panel. This connects the two tail light clusters with each other. The three-dimensional “PORSCHE” logo is positioned on the light panel. The newly designed tail light contour in the tailgate graphically lengthens the vehicle, breaks the height and emphasises the width. The visual centre of gravity is lower, a further style indication of the enhanced driving dynamics. The brake lights with their four-point design also reflect the brand identity. The tailpipes of the exhaust system are harmoniously integrated in the rear apron and round off the rear end dynamically in downward direction.

High-quality interior with new PCM and feeling of greater width

Sports car ergonomics, digitalisation and comfort form a perfect combination in the enhanced interior of the Macan. The optional GT sports steering wheel with a diameter of 360 millimetres and leather or Alcantara® covering has been adopted from the 911, for example. The DNA of the 918 Spyder can also be found in the new Macan: the mode switch with Sport Response button of the optional Sport Chrono Package was originally used in this super sports car.

Located above the elevated centre console typical for Porsche, the new 10.9-inch full-HD touchscreen display of the Porsche Communication Management blends in harmoniously. It has been possible to reduce the number of buttons in the display area thanks to the new interface. The air vents have been upgraded with metal trim elements and are now integrated horizontally in the centre console under the new PCM. This makes the dashboard appear wider and flatter.

The new Macan already offers especially high-quality equipment as standard: the seat surfaces are covered with Alcantara® and the seat bolsters with high-quality leatherette, for example. The steering wheel, selector lever and armrests are finished in leather. Additional full-leather interiors in various colours are also optionally available. Further personalisation of the leather interiors is possible through the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.

Every Macan leaves the factory equipped with a particle/pollen filter with anti-allergen coating. The optional ioniser also improves the air quality in the air flow. For this, the air for the climate control system is routed through an ioniser before it flows into the vehicle interior. This reduces the number of germs and other pollutants contained in the air. The air quality in the passenger compartment is improved, benefiting the well-being of the vehicle occupants. The ioniser is controlled by a separate button on the centre console.

New PCM with larger touchscreen and Porsche Connect Plus

The new Macan is fully interconnected as standard: the enhanced Porsche Communication Management (PCM) offers permanent access to internet-based functions and services via the touchscreen, which has been increased in size from 7.2 to 10.9 inches. For this purpose, Porsche has equipped all new Macan models with the Connect Plus module. The driver can use the online navigation function as standard. Like on the Panamera and Cayenne, the home screen can be personalised easily and quickly with predefined tiles. The standard LTE communication module ensures optimum voice quality and data transmission. Customers can also optionally use their own SIM card for data transmission with the integrated card reader.

The further-developed online navigation function with real-time traffic information is now even simpler, faster and more comprehensive. The basis for the simple search for navigation destinations is the central “finder” – represented by a magnifying glass in the header bar of the monitor. This allows the user to search for destinations with simple terms. The finder also offers a host of additional information such as fuel prices, car parks with free spaces including prices and opening hours, or also user ratings for hotels and restaurants.

Voice input of navigation destinations is also just as simple thanks to the new Voice Pilot. Thanks to online voice recognition, voice inputs are now much more intuitive than before. For example, a navigation destination can be entered without stating address details.

In addition, the Voice Pilot does not just permit control of navigation functions. The system also understands commands for controlling music and vehicle functions. Thanks to the online connection of the system, the voice recognition function is always up-to-date.

Navigation calculation has also been optimised. This is achieved by simultaneous processing of inputs both on-board and online. Route calculation for navigation therefore takes place at the same time both online and in the PCM. The PCM decides independently which navigation function has calculated the best route, but always starts with the result that has been calculated first. The driver can also save routes that have been driven more than three times in the PCM with the “Smart routing” function. The PCM therefore learns possible destinations of the driver and can optimise route calculation. Destinations can also be conveniently created before a journey not just in the PCM but also on a smartphone using the Porsche Connect app or on the “My Porsche” platform. The destinations are synchronised by identification with the Porsche ID in the vehicle, app and “My Porsche” web portal.

The navigation system processes so-called swarm data with the new Risk Radar service. This is anonymously recorded and transmitted data from correspondingly equipped vehicles on the traffic and road situation. On the basis of information from the vehicle sensors, this data can provide warnings about fog, slippery roads and accidents, for example. In this way, the new Macan can help to minimise dangers and prevent accidents.

One for all: Porsche Connect app for Apple and Android smartphones

The newly designed Porsche Connect app now provides the driver with even simpler and more comprehensive access to vehicle and Connect functions by smartphone. The app is divided into the three main areas “Navigation”, “My Vehicle” for vehicle-specific functions and “Me“ for user-specific services and settings such as linking of the Connect app with an Amazon Music account. In the “My Vehicle” area, the driver can see whether doors, tailgate and windows are closed in a vehicle view, and can also unlock or lock the vehicle if desired. Information on the range, oil level and vehicle maintenance can also be accessed. The monitoring and security functions can also be controlled.

Users of Smart Home devices from Nest can receive information about their home in the vehicle at any time. The service provides online data of networked smoke alarms and pictures from installed cameras, for example, or permits the temperature at home to be controlled from the vehicle.

The Macan can also now be optionally equipped with a smartphone tray. Here, it is not necessary to plug in a cable in order to establish a direction connection between the phone and the external antenna of the vehicle. A connection with the vehicle's external antenna is established as soon as the Bluetooth®-paired smartphone is placed in the centre console tray. This reduces the battery consumption of the smartphone and optimises reception quality.

Offroad Precision app for more fun off-road

With the Offroad Precision app, Porsche gives Macan drivers the chance to document, analyse and improve off-road journeys. The “Trip” area functions in the same way as popular running apps for mobile phones. All relevant data is automatically stored when recording is activated: driver, vehicle, route, times, GPS data. Route and elevation profiles are automatically calculated from this, which can then be viewed on a map later on. At the same time, the journey can be recorded as a video either using a smartphone or an externally controlled action cam. The trips can be shared in social media using the “Sharing” function. In the “Personal progress” app mode, the individual driver performance is rewarded with a bonus system. In a tutorial, the app additionally provides new off-road drivers with detailed basic knowledge on how to drive a Macan off-road. The tutorial also contains an overview of off-road parks. Here, drivers can acquire initial experience in off-road driving in a safe environment. The Offroad Precision app is available for iOS and Android.

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