The first Panamera with a 4+1 seat concept


The Panamera combines high levels of comfort, typical Porsche sportiness and an avant-garde design with high versatility. This makes it an exception in the luxury segment, and represents an alternative for all those for whom the fixed interior structure of a conventional saloon offers too little flexibility. The new Panamera Sport Turismo underlines the unique selling point of the model line with an even more versatile rear. The new model is the first Panamera to leave the Porsche plant in Leipzig with a three-seat rear bench. Two individual seats in the rear are still available as an option. The already generous luggage compartment volume of the sports saloon has now also been enlarged by 20 litres in the Sport Turismo (plus 50 litres when the seats are folded down and the space is loaded up to the roof). The luggage compartment of the five-seater configuration is particularly large, holding up to 520 litres. When loaded to roof height, the luggage compartment volume increases to 1,390 litres.

At the front, the interior of the Sport Turismo is the same as the sports saloon. Again, the new chassis version impresses with details such as a sporting and ergonomic seat position for the driver and passenger, and the standard Porsche Advanced Cockpit including digital instruments, touch-sensitive panels for the climate control functions and the latest generation of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM). With its 12.3 inch touchscreen display in the centre console, the PCM assumes the role of a multifunctional infotainment system. The multi-function steering wheel also comes as standard. In the Panamera, panels, interactive instruments, the PCM and the multi-function steering wheel form the innovative Porsche Advanced Cockpit.

Three seats and generous legroom and headroom in the rear

The visible and tangible differences between the two Panamera models are found in the rear and luggage compartment: The new Sport Turismo is the first Panamera to feature three rear seats. The two outside seats take the form of individual seats – in keeping with the model line’s claim for sporty performance with maximum passenger comfort – thereby producing a 2+1 configuration at the rear. This makes the new Porsche a 4+1-seater. As an option, the Panamera Sport Turismo is also available in a four-seat configuration, in this case with two electrically adjustable individual seats at the rear. The raised roof line of the Sport Turismo allows for easier entry and exit at the rear of the vehicle and ensures greater head clearance. The legroom for the outer rear seats is particularly spacious. Smartphones and tablets can be charged via two standard USB connections in the rear.

Versatility equal to every task

The luggage compartment of the new Sport Turismo is easy to load thanks to the electrically opening tailgate as standard, the 63 centimetre low loading edge and its 92 centimetre wide luggage compartment width between the wheel housings. Even heavy golf bags can easily be stored on the 1,088 millimetre long loading floor. If the Sport Turismo is fitted with comfort access, the tailgate can simply be opened and closed with a foot gesture; the vehicle detects the owner via the key signal.

With the five-seat configuration, the storage volume is 520 litres (Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo: 425 litres). The rear seats can also be folded down completely or separately in a 40:20:40 ratio with electrically powered unlocking from the luggage compartment. When loaded to roof height, the storage volume increases to 1,390 litres (4 E-Hybrid: 1,295 litres). Thus, the sports car is able to assume even challenging transportation duties.

As an option, Porsche also offers a loadspace management system for the luggage compartment of the Panamera Sport Turismo. This versatile system for the secure transportation of all manner of objects includes two rails integrated in the loading floor, four lashing points and a luggage compartment partition net. A retractable luggage compartment cover comes as standard. And if a laptop needs a quick charge en route to a meeting, this can also be done via a 230 volt electrical socket, included in the luggage compartment on request.

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