Networked intelligence

Assistance and comfort systems

The Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo is equipped with numerous standard or optional assistance systems to make the driving experience not only more comfortable and convenient but also safer – including the outstanding Porsche InnoDrive and Night Vision Assist options. Night Vision Assist uses a thermal imaging camera to detect people and larger animals at distances of up to 300 metres, and provides corresponding coloured warnings in the cockpit. Porsche InnoDrive with adaptive cruise control is another ingenious feature: Based on three-dimensional, high-resolution navigation data, it calculates, and subsequently activates, the optimum acceleration and deceleration values as well as gear selections and coasting specifications for the next three kilometres. In doing so, the electronic co-pilot automatically takes corners, gradients and maximum speeds into account. Other vehicles and current speed limits are detected by the radar and video sensors and included in the control process.

The range of assistance systems has also been expanded for those situations in which even the fun of being in a Porsche is limited: driving in traffic jams. The traffic jam assist system supports the driver through integrated longitudinal and lateral control of the car in congested traffic situations at speeds of up to 60 km/h. It does this by following a detected tailback under ACC control and combining this with steering assistance via the electromechanical steering system, which can be easily overridden at any time.

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