New Porsche Panamera is designed for individuality

Special features

The likelihood of ever coming across two identical Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrids is very low for two key reasons. First, Porsche offers a wide range of options for the Panamera, with twelve standard exterior colours, ten interior colour and leather combinations and various special options. Secondly, in addition to the range of options available via the Configurator, the Panamera can also be tailored to the driver’s own requirements via Porsche Exclusive. This level of personalisation is achievable thanks to the innovative Porsche manufacturing concept. This concept combines ultra-modern, digitalised and automated production processes with custom manufacture. For example, in addition to the colours available in the Configurator, Porsche is able to offer the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid in virtually any colour imaginable via Porsche Exclusive. The overview below describes a selection of the main options available for the Panamera via the Configurator (see separate chapter for assistance systems).

Leather and interior finish

Five interior packages

There is almost no limit to the customisation options available for the interior of the Panamera. Personalisation begins with one of five packages: the “Painted interior package”, the “Leather interior package”, the “Carbon interior package”, the “Aluminium interior package” and the “Wood interior package”. Depending on the option chosen, the decorative panelling on the switch panel and doors, and the decorative element on the centre console, are painted or finished in leather, carbon, aluminium or wood. The available wood finishes are “Dark Walnut” (standard on the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid), “Grey Birch”, “Amber” or “Paldao”.

Steering wheel in carbon

or wood

The multi-function steering wheel can also be ordered in leather/carbon or leather/wood; in both cases, the steering wheel comes with heating.

Driving dynamics

Sports exhaust system

Modified, original-design rear muffler with brushed stainless steel or high-gloss black sports tailpipes.


Side window trims in “High-Gloss Black”


“SportDesign” packages

Individually designed SportDesign front end painted in the vehicle colour and with black air intakes and C-blades, SportDesign sideskirts and a SportDesign rear apron in the exterior colour with a black rear diffusor. Black elements can be ordered with a silk or high-gloss finish; SportDesign sideskirts are available separately.

Electrically extendible towbar system

Ball joint can be electronically extended and retracted. Maximum towed weight for a braked trailer is 2,200 kilograms.

Light and visibility

LED Matrix main headlights including PDLS Plus

The new LED Matrix headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus) are designed to put the Panamera at the cutting edge of light technology. One LED Matrix main headlight contains a total of 109 LEDs used for all lighting functions. The LED matrix module alone contains 84 individually activated LEDs (pixels), which can be used in conjunction with lenses, reflectors and the dipped beam range as an adaptive high beam. The lights are connected to a camera in the windscreen. This camera detects vehicles ahead and oncoming vehicles and controls the distribution of the high beam so intelligently that no other road user is dazzled, while still providing maximum light on the road for the driver.

The complex headlight module not only relies on camera data, but also uses navigation data and vehicle information to autonomously control the 84 flexible diodes. This intelligent system for controlling the distribution of light also enables other comfort and safety features to be integrated into the vehicle. For example, the system uses the camera to detect reflective traffic signs that may dazzle the driver, and selectively switches off the lights directed at such signs to ensure that the driver’s vision is not impaired. The LED Matrix headlights also boast an additional new feature for opposing traffic: The headlights not only dim the opposing traffic in segments, but also intensify illumination of your own lane using a boost function. This guides the driver’s line of vision, improving comfort and safety. The dynamic cornering lights are operated electronically rather than mechanically.



Panoramic roof system

On the launch of the second generation, the Panamera was offered with a panoramic roof system for the first time. The roof is made of two large glass surfaces. The front segment is a sliding and lifting roof, while the rear segment is a fixed pane of glass. With the light flooding in through the panoramic roof system, the interior is even brighter and more welcoming. Two electric roll-up blinds can be used to darken the interior in bright sunlight. (Executive series.)


For the new Panamera, Porsche offers dark-tinted privacy glazing in the rear, as well as thermally and noise insulated glass. The rear can also be equipped with electric roll-up sunblinds (side windows and rear window) to protect occupants against bright light or prying eyes.


Ionisation technology is used to improve air quality inside the Panamera. Background: Ionisation reduces the amount of bacteria and harmful particles in the air.



Adaptive Sports Seats at the front (electric 18-way adjustment) with memory package

The highly ergonomic sports seats are differentiated from their conventional counterparts by their own unique seam construction and the increased height of the seat side bolsters. The rear seats also feature an individual design. In the front, the seat sides can also be adjusted; in total, the seat can be adjusted in 18 different ways.

Comfort seats/sports seats in the rear (8-way, electric) with memory package

As an option, the individual seats in the rear are also available with electric adjustment (backrest angle, seat surface length and four-way adjustable lumbar support). The rear seats also feature a memory function. If the rear comfort seats in the Panamera are equipped with seat heating and ventilation, the rear seats can also be ordered with wider comfort headrests. (Executive series.)

Heated seats/seat ventilation/massage function

The Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid features front and rear heated seats as standard. The seats can also be ordered with an optional ventilation and massage function.

Comfort systems

Soft-close doors

Door closing mechanisms are automatically engaged when the door is shut. (Executive series.)

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