adidas: history that connects


As Porsche, adidas looks back on a long-term sports history. Today the adidas group is a worldwide leading company in the sports industry. Products of the group are available in almost every country of the world.
With view to this internationality, the partnership with the Porsche brand stands to reason. adidas supplies Porsche Motorsport with exclusively designed team gear ranging from winter jackets to shirts and sports shoes. Porsche Motorsport employees stick in adidas clothing from tip to toe. The gear has to fulfill the high expectations on a race track thus being functional, comfortable, weather-resistant and heat-rejecting. In addidion, it must look good and sporty, of course!

Passion for sports, sporty lifestyle, high quality standards and the leading position in innovation and design are further aspect that unite the adidas and Porsche brands.

Furthermore, the partnership between adidas and Porsche exceeds the collaboration in motor sports. As an example, adidas is the Porsche Design license partner of all sports gear for shoes and textiles.

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