Research and racing meet at Aral


Aral is the market leader in the German retail stations business – and not only in terms of sales. In terms of quality, Aral has been at the forefront for decades. This is thanks not least to Aral’s own research department in Bochum, which develops fuels for Aral and its parent company BP, for Germany as well as for the whole of the rest of Europe.

At Aral, not only are traditional fuels constantly being developed and adapted to the latest engine technology – completely new ones are being developed too. The last time this was accomplished was with Aral’s Ultimate fuels, which are available at over 1600 Aral stations in Germany in the qualities Ultimate 102 and Ultimate Diesel. These fuels are based on a completely new formulation for the basic fuels and are suitable for all gasoline and diesel engines. Aral’s Ultimate fuels combine outstanding properties: they clean the engine and can lead to a better performance and lower fuel consumption. Also, the emissions are less harmful for the environment than those from traditional fuels. In addition, Aral can guarantee that its Ultimate fuels always have exactly the same high quality, as they are produced and transported completely separately from other fuels. This means that there is no possibility of any blending which could be detrimental to their quality.

It is for these reasons that since 2008 Porsche has trusted Aral as an exclusive supplier of fuels and as an official series partner for the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany. This means that all racing cars taking part in the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany are fuelled exclusively on Ultimate 2012 – the identical fuel to that available at over 1600 Aral stations in Germany.

This underlines once again the quality of Aral’s high-performance fuel. In its Ultimate 102, Aral has developed a clean and extremely efficient fuel which can prove itself not only in production cars – but also in the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany, in which the racing teams need to have a fuel which has the same top quality at the highest level of performance.

The two brands Porsche and Aral go together well not only on the racetrack but also in the field of research. Porsche road vehicles are regularly to be found on the test benches in Aral’s research department in Bochum. The aim here is to match current trends and developments in engine technology from the fuels side.

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