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A123 Systems is a global leader in lithium-ion energy storage through advanced battery cells and systems for transportation and industrial applications. As a featured technical partner to Porsche, A123 provides the core battery technology employed in the 919 Hybrid’s revolutionary powertrain design. The innovation required to dominate the podium is achieved through a close relationship between the engineering teams of both companies who continue to set the bar for lithium-ion battery performance.

The partnership between A123 and Porsche celebrated a highly successful 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship year including the win at the 24 hours of Le Mans and both the Drivers’ and Manufacturers’ Championships The outstanding accomplishments on the track were the culmination of collaborating for several years on energy storage technology but A123 and Porsche both know that there is still plenty of room for improvement. Advanced chemistry and system designs have been developed to improve performance for Porsche Motorsport and the team is jointly driving for even greater power performance on the road ahead.

On the basis of some energy storage innovations employed in the 919 Hybrid, A123 is also beginning to introduce performance advancements in the products it offers to regular passenger vehicles. Throughout its history, A123 has been a leader in delivering remarkable power from lithium-ion batteries and one of its fastest growing applications is the replacement of conventional lead-acid engine start batteries. Not only is A123’s lithium-ion alternative half the weight of a conventional battery but it also enables basic hybrid functionality in new vehicles designed to harness its potential. The lithium-ion starter battery products are part of a larger family of solutions designed to help vehicle manufacturers achieve their emissions reduction and fuel economy goals in a cost effective manner. From motorsports to mainstream, A123 provides high power and high energy products that perform at world class levels.

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