capricorn and Porsche have cooperated successfully for many years. Since 2014, and thus from the beginning, capricorn COMPOSITE is partner for the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC) in the Le Mans Prototype 1 (LMP1) class as a manufacturer of the monocoque and other structural and aerodynamic components. Porsche benefits from the many years of experience of capricorn COMPOSITE in the development and production of complex high-performance fibre composite components.

However, the cooperation between capricorn and Porsche goes far beyond the prototype class, right down to the series. For example, the capricorn COMPOSITE also supplies CFRP components for the 918 Spyder and 991 GT2RS / GT3RS series.

The capricorn GROUP is the expert for the development and production of prototype, pre-series and series components for the OEM automotive and motorsport industry, medical technology and aviation. The philosophy of capricorn is to work reliably, precisely and qualitatively in partnerships.  Based on the same values ​​and claims from capricorn and Porsche follows a strong relationship which is beneficial for both parties. In addition to the capricorn COMPOSITE factory in Meuspath, capricorn GROUP is represented with further seven sites in four countries. capricorn´s product portfolio includes fiber reinforced structures, monocoques, engine components and castings.