The company Hauser Catering & Consulting from Hamburg provides guests, journalists and in first the Porsche Team at the racetrack. Hauser Catering & Consulting is your perfect partner for high quality standards in the premium motorsport. Section. In process of planning and performance of the caterings at the WEC (World Endurance Championship) reflects the Porsche Premium notion. A strong belief in quality is the motto of Karlheinz Hauser’s team, which consists of 95 employees in total. The repertoire includes traditional dishes as well as fine dining.

Strong belief in quality

Karlheinz Hauser: „ Fresh and only the best ingredients are good enough for the kitchen. This is not only for the gourmet restaurant also for all parts of gastronomy. In several restaurants this process takes place in different kinds of reasons, however it takes definitively part without limitation. A high quality and the sense of responsibility for your products and our guests is the qualification for a premium dish.”

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