The prologue

Porsche before 1948

From the Egger-Lohner electric vehicle to the electric wheel-hub drive of the 1900 Lohner Porsche and culminating in the startup of his own automotive manufacturing operations in Gmünd in 1948, the exhibition area “Porsche before 1948” breaks down the activities of Ferdinand Porsche into individual episodes.

Along with the aircraft engine and the “Austro-Daimler Motorspritze” fire engine, it covers the “Sascha” Austro-Daimler type as well as the Austro-Daimler Bergmeister and the aluminium body of the legendary “Type 64”, which represents the forerunner of all Porsche cars. The Porsche-developed Grand Prix racing car type 360 “Cisitalia” and the most-built Porsche design of all – the Volkswagen Beetle, reaching a grand total of 21.5 million units – symbolise the company’s rebirth after the war. The final word in this prologue is reserved for the model known simply as “Number 1”, the first prototype of the Porsche 356 from 1948. The exhibits represent various milestones in the life of Ferdinand Porsche and therefore also the visions that shaped the company.

The “Porsche Idea” is the common thread running through the entire museum exhibition. Following on from the prologue, the product and motorsport history takes the visitor chronologically through the entire exhibition level to the point where it ends in the gallery.

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