The exhibition concept


The exhibition space proper consists of a bold steel structure resting on just three V-shaped pillars and seemingly floating in mid-air. It spans a void of up to 60 metres wide. Inside, the classic vehicles and around 200 small exhibits have been arranged into a meticulously planned exhibition.

The company’s product history guides the visitor through the exhibition. It conveys the “Porsche Idea” through typical attributes such as “Fast”, “Light”, “Clever”, “Powerful”, “Intense” and “Consistent”. This is the basic principle that has always inspired the company in its quest to find pioneering technical solutions to the fundamental challenges encountered in automotive manufacturing.

The chronological product and motorsport history is augmented by the “Porsche Idea”, which serves as a common theme throughout the exhibition. Mobile multimedia guides are available for visitors in eight different language versions. Both child-friendly information for younger visitors and more extensive information for adults can be called up on these handsets.

A conscious decision was taken to avoid the “discovery zone” approach, with all its showiness. The sports cars should be allowed to speak for themselves. Visitors access the exhibition space in the upper part of the building via a long escalator. Their journey through time, tracing the history of Porsche through the museum, begins with Ferdinand Porsche’s first design: The “Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C.2 Phaeton model”, which dates back to 1898 stands at the entrance to the exhibition and, as the centrepiece of the permanent exhibition, it provides an introduction to the history.

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