The “Light” idea

The power-to-weight ratio has always been the crucial factor in sports car manufacturing. For that reason, Porsche has always been committed to reducing weight and to lightweight construction principles.

The “Light” idea is exemplified by reference exhibits centring on the theme of the Targa Florio, the renowned endurance race in the mountains of Sicily. These exhibits highlight lightweight construction as a core skill of Porsche. Porsche’s racing cars were superior and triumphant in the Targa Florio mainly thanks to their light, nimble designs. The 356 America Roadster was the lightest Porsche of its time. This philosophy is encapsulated by the internally illuminated, ultra-thin plastic fibre body of the short-tail Porsche 908 Coupé from 1968, which tipped the scales at a mere 130 kilograms.

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