The “Powerful” idea

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Porsche enjoyed unprecedented success in motor racing in the early 1970s. The Zuffenhausen company eclipsed all its challengers. This emboldened its confidence in its technical abilities.

Having long led the way in lightweight construction, Porsche now also started to build the most powerful engines. In this part of the exhibition, the thematic focus is therefore on high-performance engines and their design. In motor racing this was the heyday of the Porsche 917, whose power unit is presented to the visitor in depth.

The exhibit is a flat-twelve engine stripped down to its component parts. This engine generation culminated in the most powerful Porsche ever, in the guise of the 1,200 turbo HP (883 kW) engine that featured in the 917/30 in 1973. The power-boosting technologies developed for these races were successfully translated to roadgoing sports cars. The turbo engine in the 911 Turbo – the reference exhibit for the product’s history – proceeded to enjoy an illustrious career. “Turbo” thus becomes synonymous with Porsche technology.

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