A very special setting

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There is ample space on the fourth floor of the museum building for a variety of functions. This zone can be booked for events of various kinds and sizes.

Spanning 600 square metres, it provides state-of-the-art media technology for meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures, motion picture presentations and concerts. The installations include video conference systems, large screens, interpreters’ booths and effects speakers. Mobile partition walls are available to create the appropriate room size for any seating arrangement.

Clear sky above

Adjoining the conference and event level, and separated by only a glass partition wall, there is an 800 square metre roof terrace. This spectacular and spacious outdoor zone is reserved for staging special events such as vehicle presentations and performances.

A museum visit with a difference

Away from the event level, too, there are facilities for holding events that will be a truly memorable experience – against a backdrop of more than 23,000 horsepower (17,151 kW). By prior arrangement, the exhibition area can also be kept open for your exclusive use after 6 pm. It is entirely up to the event organiser whether to invite guests on a tour of the museum or leave them to browse the exhibition individually, equipped with an audio guide. The lobby is the perfect place to start or conclude a guest event, away from the everyday bustle of the museum.

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