Dining with a unique view

The “Christophorus” restaurant

The “Christophorus” restaurant on the second floor is on the same level as the exhibition and is therefore accessible both through the museum and through a separate entrance. It thus remains open beyond the regular opening hours of the museum itself.

The mission of top chef Thomas Heilemann and his team is to serve meals of the highest standards of culinary excellence, enabling the gourmet to enjoy both Mediterranean and regional delicacies as well as the most exquisite wines. A particular highlight on the menu is US prime beef grilled fresh, right in front of the eyes of the guest by Porsche’s very best chefs. Since its opening, more than 84,000 steaks have been served in the “Christophorus”.

After visiting the restaurant, guests can then wind down in the adjacent Cigar Lounge. Looking through the extensive glass façade, restaurant guests enjoy a panoramic view of Porscheplatz and the production building where Porsche sports cars and engines are built. Through another glass wall separating the restaurant from the exhibition, guests also have the opportunity to admire the classic cars on display in the museum itself. This interplay of past and future highlights the company’s commitment to its roots – the view from the dining room thus has a symbolic character.

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