The Porsche Team Spirits

Specialist knowledge expressed simply

The “Porsche Team Spirits” section of the museum gives school students a deeper understanding of the world of cars. The exhibition provides a very useful out-of-school learning environment. There are four fascinating “Porsche Team Spirits” to choose from:

Porsche Team Spirit Automotive Design

The “Team Spirit Automotive Design” invites pupils to learn more about the Porsche DNA based on its model lines. The workshop looks at the question of what makes Porsche vehicles easy even for children to recognise. During the workshop, pupils take a creative approach to the areas of brand identity, vehicle contours and design development. They are given an insight into the way designers work. At the end of the session, the groups present their results from the Team Spirit workshop.

Porsche Team Spirit Engine Technology

Against a backdrop of 23,000 PS, pupils investigate how an engine is built and what characteristics make up a Porsche engine. Together with a guide, pupils immerse themselves into the basic principles of engine technology. They learn about rear-, mid- and front-mounted engines and air and water cooling. They also gain an insight into Porsche’s hallmark boxer and turbo engines. Pupils get the chance to apply what they have learnt and present it at the end of the session.

Porsche Team Spirit Aerodynamics and Lightweight Construction

The Porsche Team Spirit Aerodynamics and Lightweight Construction provides pupils with an overview of the various materials used in vehicle construction. As has always been the case, aerodynamics and material science make it possible to realise high speeds while also reducing consumption. Pupils are therefore introduced to aerodynamic resources. Using a scale model of a wind tunnel, they can experiment with different shapes and Porsche models to find out for themselves how the aerodynamics change in each case.

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