Size and weight

Building data

The Porsche Museum’s technical data at a glance.


Total costs: Around EUR 100 million
Dimensions of museum
building: Length 140 metres, width 70 metres
Total area of structure: 25,800 square metres
Weight of museum building: Around 35,000 tonnes
Concrete: Around 21,000 cubic metres
Steel: Around 6,000 tonnes
Excavated volume (earth) Around 66,000 cubic metres
Façade area of
exhibition building: Around 10,000 square metres,
comprising around 30,000 lozenges


Location: 2nd floor
Exhibition area: 5,600 square metres
Exhibits: Around 80 museum vehicles and 200 small exhibits

Total collection of museum
vehicles: Over 500 exhibits


Location: 4th floor
Conference zone area: Around 600 square metres
Mobile partition walls for flexible room
Area of roof terrace: Around 800 square metres


“Christophorus” restaurant
Museum workshop
Porsche archive
Museum shop
Coffee bar
“Boxenstopp” bistro

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