917 Living Legend

In just six months, a small team from Weissach developed a tribute to the 1970 Le Mans winner. The concept utilises adaptive aerodynamics and is painted the the Salzburg livery of the original. Under the Carbon Fibre skin only state-of-the-art technology is used. The chassis is based on a carbon fibre Monocoque. The front and rear suspension are based on 918 super sports car components, utilizing motorsport-inspired linkages and pushrods. A turbocharged eight-cylinder engine with up to 1,000 PS provides the power. A drivable prototype has, however, never been produced.

Year: 2013
Engine: 8-cylinder Bi-Turbo
Displacement: 5,000 cc
Power output: 551–735 kW (750-1,000 PS)
Top speed: > 300 km/h

Back to the Future

The Porsche 917 stays in the memory long after its active service. This is evident not only from the 2013 study, with the shape of its front wings and flat nose. Designers and developers continue to gain inspiration from the multiple race winner and keep reinterpreting the legendary racing car. As early as 1970, when the car was still being raced, designers and developers were working on a model for the automotive future. The Style Porsche design department is answerable for the exterior and interior designs in pre-development projects and series implementation. The department is also responsible for the creation and design of the digital, virtual and physical models as well as for the design quality. The conception, layout and implementation of the designs for special models, market editions and small series and one-offs also fall within the remit of the designers. Their work has a major impact on the Porsche brand.


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