Porsche Classic: Everything a classic sports car needs

The history of Porsche lives on the road. More than 70 per cent of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still around today, and the overwhelming majority of them are ready to drive at any time. This is down to Porsche Classic: From genuine parts to complete restorations, the company’s Classic division provides a comprehensive service for past model ranges of its sports cars. This service offering sees Porsche integrate the maintenance and value retention of modern and older classic cars into a single innovative service concept, which closely interlinks the innovation and tradition of Porsche.

Porsche Classic is committed to two major areas of work. Its focus is on supplying genuine parts for more than 650,000 sports cars owned by customers all over the world. This includes all model ranges for which production ceased more than ten years ago. All parts can be ordered via the Porsche retail organisation. In addition, a network of specially trained and outfitted Porsche Centres and service centres has been established under the name Porsche Classic Partners. They dedicate their enthusiasm and expertise to Porsche classic vehicles and their owners. The Porsche Classic division’s second focus area is the in-house workshop.

Supplies for all Porsche classic vehicles

52,000 items, and the number is growing: Whether it’s washers or reverse levers, Porsche Classic can offer immediate delivery of a large proportion of genuine parts for past model ranges. Most of these parts come from former series suppliers or new certified partners. In total, Porsche collaborates with more than 1,000 highly qualified suppliers. They use original drawings, detailed descriptions, a comprehensive stock of prototype parts and, last but not least, the expertise of Porsche Classic. These standards ensure that all Porsche requirements are met in terms of technology, safety and quality, including when reissuing parts. Porsche Classic also takes care of the technical literature, with over 800 manuals available along with guarantee and maintenance booklets.

Porsche Classic Partners

For optimum support and reconditioning of classic vehicles, Porsche is continuously expanding its international dealership and service network. This expansion is focused on Porsche Centres and Porsche service centres, which are responsible for looking after sports cars from earlier eras as well as the latest vehicles and are certified as Porsche Classic Partners. Customers and enthusiasts alike can find the full range of services from Porsche Classic waiting for them at these centres. They include supplying classic vehicles with 52,000 genuine spare parts, complete and partial restorations and repair and maintenance work.

Porsche Classic Centres for classic sports cars only

Since 2015, Porsche has been expanding its network with specially designed Porsche Classic Centres. The Porsche Classic Centre Gelderland situated just outside Arnheim in the Netherlands, as well as the Porsche Classic Centre Rouen in France and the Porsche Classic Centre Son in Norway, dedicate all of their time and attention to vintage cars and modern classics from Zuffenhausen, all in one place. For the first time, the Porsche Classic Centres bring the areas of service, workshop and sales exclusively for classic sports cars together under one roof. As a next step, a small number of additional certified Porsche Classic Centres will be built around the world.

Truly original

Produced by Porsche, reproduced by Porsche: Around ten times a year, the Porsche Classic workshop awards its unique seal of approval. Each time, a completely restored classic sports car rolls out of the factory restoration facility in Freiberg am Neckar. In 2007, the sports car manufacturer relocated its competence centre for all Porsche vehicles affected by patina to just a few minutes' drive away from its headquarters in Zuffenhausen. The company had always had a department for repairing classic customer vehicles, until the space required for production meant that it had to be relocated. Around 30 specialists service, repair and restore customer vehicles, ranging from the 356 to the 964, right through to the 959 super sports car. The 1,500-square-metre workshop accommodates all areas of maintenance, including body work, paint shop, engine and transmission construction and upholstery. At the forefront, however, is the unique infrastructure within which the Porsche experts work. As an integral division within Porsche AG, they only use methods – during body work repairs, for example – that Porsche engineers would have used during the original production process. Original instruments from Porsche’s past are perfectly supplemented by a combination of historic archive material and the most up-to-date technology. For example, the workshop makes use of the latest generation of chassis straightening benches and computer-controlled laser measuring systems.

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