2014: Automatic Targa roof

With the 911 Targa of the 991 generation, Porsche returned to its original concept, with the characteristic fixed Targa bar. The innovative roof system consists of two moving parts: a soft top and a glass rear window. At the press of a button, the glass rear window opens to the rear and tilts. It is joined to the convertible top compartment lid. At the same time, two flaps in the Targa bar open and release the soft top kinematics. The soft top is unlatched, folds to the rear into a Z-shape during the opening movement and stows behind the rear seats. A panel running across the car behind the rear seats integrates the soft top. Finally, the flaps in the bar and the rear window close. While the car is stationary, the roof can be opened or closed in about 19 seconds using controls in the centre console.

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