Automatic brake differential


ABD counteracts wheel spin by individually braking the driving wheel with the higher degree of slip. Integrated in PSM.

Anti-lock brake system


Prevents locking of wheels during braking, thereby improving the vehicle's steering behaviour.

Anti-slip regulation


Reduces slip on the drive wheels during acceleration through a reduction in engine power. Integrated in PSM.

Engine drag torque control


Adjusts engine speed when the acceleration pedal is released to prevent slip on the drive wheels (this slip can be produced by the engine's brake force). Integrated in PSM.

Porsche Active Suspension Management


Active damper system with four continuously adjustable shock absorbers and two basic modes: Normal setting with a more comfortable basic configuration of the dampers; these switch to a more sporty mode if the vehicle is driven more dynamically. Sport setting with harder damper characteristics that supports an extremely agile driving style and is comparable with the properties of a sports chassis.

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake


Brake system with brake discs made from a ceramic composite material and specially adapted brake pads. In contrast to a brake system featuring cast-iron discs, PCCB offers faster response times on dry road surfaces, extremely high fading stability as a result of constant coefficients of friction and high safety reserves under high levels of strain. PCCB also weighs around 50 per cent less than a conventional grey cast iron brake disc.

Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control


Almost completely eliminates lateral body movement when cornering. The core elements of this system include active anti-roll bars with variable coupling rods and electromechanical or hydraulic pivot motors integrated on the front and rear axle in place of the conventional mechanical anti-roll bars. This counteracts the lateral movements that typically occur when cornering.

Porsche Stability Management


Stabilises the vehicle when this is driven close to the limits of its driving dynamics through targeted braking of individual wheels. Includes further functions such as ABS (anti-lock brake system), ASR (anti-slip regulation), MSR (engine drag torque control) and ABD (automatic brake differential), as well as brake assist, precharging of the brake system and hold assist. PSM can be switched off in two stages.

Porsche Traction Management


Active all-wheel drive with electronically controlled, map-controlled multi-plate clutch.

Porsche Torque Vectoring


Mechanical rear differential lock with variable torque distribution on the rear axle. Brakes the inside rear wheel in a targeted manner to improve the vehicle's steering behaviour and steering precision.

Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus

PTV Plus

Works in a similar manner to PTV with variable torque distribution on the rear wheels, but also features an electronically controlled rear differential lock.

Tyre pressure monitoring


Continuously monitors pressure in all four wheels. The driver can view air pressure values via a display in the instrument cluster and the system issues a warning in the event of critical deviations from the normal value.