More dynamic cornering with PTV and PTV Plus

When it comes to driving dynamics and driving stability, Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) is the perfect accompaniment to the standard Porsche Stability Management (PSM). The system is available in two variants: In combination with a manual transmission as PTV with mechanical differential lock and for PDK vehicles as PTV Plus with electronically controlled, fully variable differential lock. The system essentially uses targeted braking interventions on the inside rear wheel to enhance the vehicle's steering behaviour and steering precision during highly dynamic driving. It offers considerable advantages, in particular when steering around bends. The inside rear wheel is braked selectively as soon as the driver starts to steer. This means the rear wheel on the outside has a higher drive torque than the inside wheel. This difference in torque produces a yaw moment on the vehicle that provides additional support for the steering. The result? Significantly more agile handling with improved steering behaviour. In addition, PTV Plus delivers a noticeably higher level of traction when accelerating out of bends through targeted use of the differential lock.

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