Enhanced performance together with increased comfort: Adaptive air suspension

Porsche equips each of its Cayennes, Panameras and Macans with air suspension, either as standard or as an option, with the primary aim of increasing suspension comfort. For the new Panamera, Porsche has developed a new three-chamber air suspension system. This adaptive air suspension with its new technology is setting standards, particularly when it comes to the level of driving comfort. In contrast to the system used in the predecessor Panamera model, instead of two air chambers per spring strut the new system has three, and it also has an air volume that is approximately 60 per cent higher. This enables a considerably larger spread of the spring rates. The chassis can be set to a lower basic spring rate for increased comfort, as the spring rate can be changed electronically in a fraction of a second where necessary – for example, during acceleration and braking or to reduce rolling motion. In addition, the air suspension offers the benefits of self-levelling with the ability to choose different degrees of ground clearance.

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