Precise feedback: Electromechanical steering

For the driver, steering is the most important tool for receiving communication on the driving status, particularly in sportscars. For the current 911 generation, Porsche has introduced a completely new electromechanical power steering system, which outperforms all systems available on the market to date in terms of power and precision. This has a noticeable impact on performance: When braking on road surfaces with different coefficients of friction, a steering impulse is triggered in the direction of travel. This enables the driver to stabilise the vehicle more easily and keep the vehicle in the desired lane. Within the steering system, a driving status monitor accurately identifies the currently available rack-and-pinion force, on the basis of which the appropriate steering torque is controlled in a variable manner. This ensures an optimum steering sensation in every driving situation, along with a good level of contact with the road surface. The driver is provided with useful information about the road and driving status via the steering wheel, while occurrences that could disturb the driver, such as bumps, are filtered out.

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