Greater agility around bends, greater stability when changing lanes: Rear-axle steering

All 911 and Panamera models can be equipped with active rear-axle steering, or, depending on the model, are already equipped with this feature as standard. This rear-axle steering makes the two and four-door sportscars considerably more agile when steering around tight bends, more stable when changing lanes at high speeds and easier to handle in urban traffic. If the driver steers into a bend at less than around 50 km/h, the front and rear wheels steer in the opposite direction. This effectively shortens the wheelbase, allowing the sportscar to be driven effortlessly around the bend with smaller steering movements. A 911 with rear-axle steering also feels like a compact car when it comes to manoeuvring: the turning circle is reduced by 0.5 metres to 10.7 metres. But when it comes to changing lanes suddenly at high speeds, it's a different story. In such circumstances, the front and rear wheels steer in the same direction and the wheelbase is effectively extended. This provides greater stability and the faster build-up of lateral force at the rear axle allows the vehicle to change direction more spontaneously and harmoniously. But that's not all: The use of rear-axle steering delivers a considerably more direct steering ratio at the front axle, with a steering sensation that is unrivalled among the competition.

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